Steen-Vidar Larsen (N,Dk), Řistein Rian (N), Stanley Samuelsen (Fo,Dk)

The guitar skills and rich vocals of these three excellent musicians from Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Islands, will entrance and seduce any audience.

The perform their own songs in different Nordic languages, as well as the classical ballads they would like to have written themselves.

As well as Norway, the Faroe Islands and Denmark, they have played in Lithuania and Poland

They are as at home on a big festival stage as in small bars and folk clubs, restaurants, museums, high schools, or even a private living room!

Anyone of any age who enjoys the sounds of woven acoustic guitars and close harmony singing would appreciate a concert by the Trio, and would be keen to come back for more. They mix their rhythms and sounds from a broad palette of latin, blues, folk, bluegrass and jazz, and they have an ease and warmth of presentation that communicates directly with the audience.

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